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I'm an amateur video-maker. I try to make videos that are both educational and engaging (which is especially helpful for younger audiences). ReformedWiki is mostly clips compilations, so it got penalized by YouTube for having too much re-used content. ReformedWiki2.0 is my channel for more original content that plays by YouTube's rules better.

Want to help my videos reach millions of people by getting the YouTube algorithm to recommend them to lots of people? All you have to do is subscribe, like the videos, and watch them until the end, to maximize watch time :). I'm so grateful to everyone who supports and watches the videos I create!

I'm currently taking a two-ish week break from YouTube while I wait to see what happens with Joel Osteen's copyright strike against me (which was unfair because my videos are "Fair Use"). In the meantime, I'm working on this website!


Under construction :)

Hi! Would you consider subscribing to ReformedWiki2.0? But only if you like the videos :). ReformedWiki2.0