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Why Does Isaiah 13:16 Say that Wives Will Be “Ravished”?

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Some argue that it was immoral for God to punish Babylon in the way that he did, since Isaiah 13:16 says that “infants will be dashed in pieces” and wives will be “ravished.” However, there is a very reasonable explanation of Isaiah 13:16 that solves this alleged problem in the Bible.

Isaiah 13:16 – Why Does Isaiah 13:16 Say that Wives Will Be “Ravished”?

Their infants will be dashed in pieces before their eyes; their houses will be plundered and their wives ravished. Isaiah 13:16

The argument is that the Bible is immoral for saying these things.

The Answer – Why Does Isaiah 13:16 Say that Wives Will Be “Ravished”?

Isaiah 13:16 Describes the Realities of War

God is responsible for the punishment Babylon in Isaiah 13 in the sense that he is sovereign over all events in history, but God is not responsible for sins that occur in the punishment of Babylon.

Isaiah 13:16, as well as the context of Isaiah 13:16, describe the reality of what happens during war. During war, infants are killed and women are raped. However, Isaiah 13 does not explicitly approve or disapprove of the specific things that happen during Babylon’s punishment and overthrow.

It was God’s plan and purpose for the Babylonian nation to be overthrown, and during the overthrow of nations through war, many people are killed atrocities occur. The Babylonians deserved the punishment they receive, but at the same time, the people whom God used to punish the Babylonians are sinful themselves, and the Bible does not approve of the sinful acts that these people committed.

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