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How can we as Christians respond to the challenge of the evolutionary hypothesis? Before I answer that question, just to make sure you know what I’m talking about in this lecture, I’ll be dealing with what is called macro evolution, rather than micro evolution. And as I’m talking about species transformation, the evolution of living […]

Why the Christian Worldview? And that leaves only one option if you’re not going to be a Christian. Is that you have to have an alternative religious worldview. We say God’s the answer to all this. God created the physical world out of nothing. It’s God’s mind that’s been the basis for the laws of […]

Three Foundational Worldviews You either have materialism, dualism, or some religious philosophy, and of course, there’s a plethora of religious philosophies. How do we, as presuppositionalists pursue Step Four: showing the failure to provide the preconditions of intelligibility with respect to the different worldviews that we can encounter? Materialism Let’s start with the materialist. We […]