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Gordon Clark and Cornelius Van Til are two of the biggest names in the realm of presuppositional apologetics. There is a lot of both agreement and disagreement between the two sides. So far, the videos I’ve made have leaned towards the Van Til side, both because Greg Bahnsen—who is arguably a better defender of Van […]

Christianity… is intellectualistic Christianity, however, is intellectualistic. God is truth, and truth is immutable.  A Christian Philosophy of Education, 142

The atheist who asserts that there is no God… claims omniscience and omnipotence The atheist who asserts that there is no God, asserts by the same words that he holds the whole universe in his mind; he asserts that no fact, past, present, future, near, or far, escapes his attention, that no power, however great, […]

Skepticism is not a worldview Etymologically a skeptic is one who seeks; but philosophically a skeptic is one who does not find. Or, rather, he finds that there is nothing to be found. There is no truth, and knowledge is impossible. Aside from the self-contradiction of asserting the truth that there is no truth, skepticism […]

Basic worldviews are never demonstrated; they are chosen Basic worldviews are never demonstrated; they are chosen. William James and Bertrand Russell may believe in a pluralistic universe, but they can offer no demonstration of this, the most fundamental of their intellectual beliefs. The mechanist believes that all natural phenomena can be reduced to mathematical, quantitative […]

Do Christians or atheists have the burden of proof? This is what Gordon Clark writes on the subject. These excerpts come from the article Atheism at the Trinity Foundation. The Atheist Challenge “But atheists, like agnostics, shift the burden of proof and say the theist is under obligation to demonstrate the truth of his view; […]