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In this post, we’re going to take a look at the difference between Cornelius Van Til and Gordon Clark concerning the Transcendental Argument, or Proof, for God’s Existence. I’ve actually already made a video on the Transcendental Argument, and I’ll leave it up, but my views have changed a little since that video. I have […]

The material out there about presuppositional apologetics can be overwhelming, confusing, and conflicting, so the purpose of this course is to help explain presuppositional apologetics in a way that’s a little more accessible, engaging, understandable, organized, and concise. There is no overarching plan for this course as of right now. I’ll just make about what […]

Gordon Clark and Cornelius Van Til are two of the biggest names in the realm of presuppositional apologetics. There is a lot of both agreement and disagreement between the two sides. So far, the videos I’ve made have leaned towards the Van Til side, both because Greg Bahnsen—who is arguably a better defender of Van […]

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