5 Reformed Baptist Churches in Germany

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This is a list of 5 Reformed Baptist Churches in Germany. These churches either subscribe to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith or something similar. If a church does not fully hold to the 1689, or the website is not clear, there will be a “Note” about this. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date Reformed Baptist church directory on the Internet.

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List of Reformed Baptist Churches in Germany

Note: These churches have not been individually vetted, so it is important to exercise discernment in determining the quality of any of these churches.

5 Reformed Baptist Churches in Germany

Evangelisch Reformierte Baptisten Frankfurt

Address: Frankfurt, Germany

Website: https://www.erb-frankfurt.de/

Phone: 01522-6465120

Notes: Please contact us to find out about current church service times and venues. Please write an email to info@erb-frankfurt.de.

Evangelisch-Reformierte Baptistengemeinde, Wetzlar

Address: Falltorstraße 23, 35614 Aßlar, Germany

Website: http://www.erb-wetzlar.de

Phone: +49 (0)1525-7214911

Email: RobertKunstmann@reformierte-baptisten.de, gerhard1689@web.de, kontakt@erb-wetzlar.de

Freie Baptisten - Gemeinde Heilbronn

Address: Stahläcker 22 74223 Flein

Website: http://www.fb-gemeinde.de

Email: kontakt@fbghn.de

Notes: Southwest of Germany near Stuttgart

Hannover International Bible Church

Address: Schlägerstraße 5, 30175 Hannover

Website: http://www.hannoveribc.com

Phone: 05141 93 17 13

Email: bobhnat@yahoo.com

International Baptist Church Celle

Address: Wederweg 41, 29223 Celle

Website: http://www.ibc-celle.de

Phone: 05141 93 17 13

Email: hnats@kabelmail.de