Help Reach Millions by Partnering with ReformedWiki

Gordon Clark

Just Me

ReformedWiki is currently being built and maintained by just one person, me. I'm more than happy to spend my own money to spread the gospel and biblical truth through these various ReformedWiki projects.

Reaching... Millions

ReformedWiki has grown beyond my wildest expectations and is now reaching millions through its educational YouTube videos, articles on this website, ReformedApp, and Reformed Baptist Church Directory.

Current Costs

Here are my current costs:

Cheapest voiceovers I can find (because I'm not a great narrator)$500–$1,000 / month
Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects$43 / month
Website domain and hosting$30 / month
Total$573–$1,073 / month

Help ReformedWiki Reach Even More People

You can help ReformedWiki reach even more people by giving. Here are some of my immediate goals:

  • More voiceovers, better voiceovers
  • Paying someone to help with video editing, to create more content

How to Give

There are several ways you can give:

  • Patreon
  • Venmo Username: ReformedWiki
  • PayPal Email:

Thank you so much for supporting and encouraging ReformedWiki!