What Is the Gospel? (Animated Gospel Summary)

Below are the resources mentioned in the video.

Learning Resources

https://founders.org/ – Founders Ministries

https://www.ligonier.org/ – Ligonier Ministries

https://www.aomin.org/ – Alpha and Omega Ministries

https://www.voddiebaucham.org/ – Voddie Baucham Ministries

/ – ReformedWiki

Church Finders

https://founders.org/church-search/ – Founders Ministries Church Search

https://farese.com/ – Reformed Baptist Church. Directory

http://www.reformedreader.org/rbchurches.htm – Reformed Reader International Reformed Baptist Church Directory

https://www.arbca.com/churches – Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America

https://opc.org/locator.html – Orthodox Presbyterian Church Directory

https://www.pcaac.org/church-directory/ – Presbyterian Church of America Directory

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