15 Reformed Baptist Churches in Mississippi

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This is a list of 15 Reformed Baptist Churches in Mississippi. These churches either subscribe to The 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith or something similar. If a church does not fully hold to the 1689, or the website is not clear, there will be a “Note” about this. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date Reformed Baptist church directory on the Internet.

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List of Reformed Baptist Churches in Mississippi

These churches have not been individually vetted, so it is important to exercise discernment in determining the quality of any of these churches.

Audubon Drive Bible Church

Address: 2601 Audubon Dr, Laurel, MS 39440

Website: http://www.audubonchurch.org

Phone: tel:(601) 649-8570

Email: churchoffice@audubonchurch.org

Contact Form: https://www.audubonchurch.org/content.cfm?id=150

Sermons: https://www.audubonchurch.org/sermons

Beliefs: https://www.audubonchurch.org/beliefs

Last Updated: 08/12/2020

Bridgetown Baptist Church

Address: 2779 Malone Rd. N. Nesbit, MS 38651

Website: http://www.bridgetownbaptist.org

Phone: Larry Dean: (662) 429-3813

Email: larrywdean@aol.com

Podcasts: https://bridgetownbaptist.sermon.net/main/main/21543808

Last Updated: 08/12/2020

Central Baptist Church

Address: 327 Second St, Grenada MS 38902

Website: http://www.gpp-5grace.com

Phone: 6622299578

Email: billandjan@cableone.net

Confession: New Hampshire Confession

We are whole-heartedly committed to the doctrines of God’s sovereign grace. Besides our web site, another of our ministries is a monthly newsletter dedicated to the doctrines of grace. If you are

Last Updated: 08/12/2020

Community of Grace Baptist Church

Address: 20183 Highway 8 West (Old Aberdeen Rv Center), Aberdeen MS 39730

Website: https://www.facebook.com/CommunityBaptistFellowship/

Confession: Abstract of Principles

Last Updated: 08/12/2020

Faith Baptist Church at Pugh’s Mill

Address: Pugh’s Mill Church Road, Sturgis, MS 39769

Website: https://www.fbcpughsmill.com

Phone: 662-779-2797

Last Updated: 08/12/2020

Grace Baptist Church

Address: 5536 Ridgewood Rd, Jackson, MS 39211

Website: http://www.gbcjackson.org

Phone: (601) 573-1072

Email: gbc@gracejackson.net

Contact Form: https://www.gbcjackson.org/visit-us

Sermons: https://www.gbcjackson.org/sermons

Last Updated: 08/12/2020

Grace Covenant Baptist Church

Address: 2594 Carson Rd, Crawford, MS 39743

Last Updated: 08/12/2020

Grace Covenant Baptist Church

Address: 2594 Carson Road, Crawford, Ms 39743, Crawford MS 39743

Website: https://www.facebook.com/GraceCovenantMS/

Phone: 662-515-9020

An historic Baptist congregation, committed to expository preaching, unadorned worship, true fellowship & outreach.

Last Updated: 08/12/2020

Hillcrest Baptist Church

Address: 353 Bus Station Rd., Yazoo City MS 39194

Website: https://www.facebook.com/hbcyazoocity/

Phone: 662-746-3030

Confession: New Hampshire Confession

Last Updated: 08/12/2020

Iglesia Bautista Biblica

Address: 18 Broadway Street
Lawrence, Massachusetts 01840

Website: https://ibbreformada.org/?fbclid=IwAR1G_6ac4EDRn8t0vM8yJMr4BWIdpk6KaKPDwW9kh1Vsund1DyJKi8rtUH8

Phone: (978) 681-7570

Email: ibbreformada@gmail.com

Contact Form: https://ibbreformada.org/bienvenido/contactar/

Sermons: https://ibbreformada.org/sermones/

Last Updated: 08/12/2020

Lakeshore Baptist Church

Address: 6028 Lakeshore Road, Bay St. Louis MS 39520

Website: http://lakeshorebaptist.net

Phone: (228) 469-0110

Email: elbourne@lakeshorebaptist.net

Last Updated: 08/12/2020

Mercy Hill Church

Address: 8860 College Street, Olive Branch MS 38654

Website: http://Mercyhillob.org

Phone: 6622300923

Last Updated: 08/12/2020

New Testament Baptist Church

Address: 11281 Allen Road, Biloxi MS 39532

Website: http://ntbcbiloxi.com/

Phone: 2288645979

Email: 89jstone@gmail.com

Confession: New Hampshire Confession

Last Updated: 08/12/2020

The Covenant of Peace Church

Address: 13600 John Clark Road, Gulfport MS 39503

Website: http://www.covenantofpeace.net

Phone: 2288327729

Email: blairbradley@live.com

Heralding the glorious Doctrines of Grace to the 21st Century. Member of FIRE.

Last Updated: 08/12/2020

Trinity Baptist Church

Address: 2101 Colonial Hills Drive, Southaven MS 38671

Website: http://www.trinitysouthaven.org

Phone: 662-349-3333

Email: debbie@trinitysouthaven.org

Confession: New Hampshire Confession

Last Updated: 08/12/2020

Characteristics of a Good Reformed Baptist Church

When looking for a good church to attend, here are some things to

  • Does the church hold to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith, or something similar to the 1689? Subscribing to a confession helps keep a church accountable, so that the pastor, or a guest preacher, cannot simply teach whatever he wants to teach. With a confession, the congregation should not be surprised by the content of a sermon.
  • Does the church practice expository preaching, or, in other words, preaching through the Bible verse-by-verse, instead of topically? While topical sermons are sometimes appropriate, expository preaching prevents the pastor(s) from preaching only on “hobby-horse” topics.
  • Does the church have a vibrant community, where the members love and care for one another? Do the members of the church strive to serve one another, as well as reach out to the community around them?

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